The Mastercrafter: Suppliers of your dream kitchen

09 Jun 2022

What does your dream kitchen look like?

With so many different styles to choose from this is a difficult question for some. Traditional, contemporary, modern, and rustic kitchens are all so different from one another, and with a seemingly infinite number of stone counter tops, wood finishes and drawer handles, one can become quite overwhelmed. So where do you start? Our clients Matthew and Tamara had more than one idea but one criteria reigned high over the others. Light. Natural light can make a kitchen feel like a more welcoming space, a place where families can enjoy being together and a place where memories can be made. So, with all of that in mind we teamed up with our clients and our legendary go-to designer, David Tudsbury, to start the design process with a goal to create a dream kitchen. The kitchen, as you can see, turned out to be beautiful. Rays of sunshine pour through the ceiling-to-counter windows and gleam off the white marble countertops. The island unit provides a striking contrast to the surrounding countertops with its darker look. While the kitchen is huge and open with more than enough space between the kitchen counters, the small details are what gives it the personality that a Mastercrafter kitchen provides. Note how the black tiles line the cupboards and how the island unit’s legs are extremely detailed. All of us at The Mastercrafter take pride in providing the highest quality kitchen renovations in Cape Town and this project allowed us to show that we still have it after all these years in the industry.