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Whether it be kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations or custom made furniture, all of our products are created with a single goal in mind.

That goal is for our products to last a lifetime.


Take a look below at some of our work.


Bespoke Locally Made Rocking Chair


We have been working on this piece of art for the past few months and we couldn’t be happier with the final product.

This Rocking Chair is the start of our bespoke custom furniture range that will be a large part of the business going forward.

Custom Made Rocking Chair

Inspired by the workings of Sam Maloof.
Sam Maloof is a legend of the furniture crafting industry and we have the privilege of taking inspiration from his work.

You can read more about Sam’s work here.

Locally Made Rocking Chair

An American classic with a South African Twist.
While the design of the chair has been inspired by an American, the materials used are proudly South African. Being made from Yellowwood Timber gives the chair a unique local feel.

Bespoke wooden chair
A timeless piece of art.
The rocking chair doubles up as a statement piece in the lounge of the owner as well as a comfortable place to fall asleep in front of a warm fire.
Custom Made Furniture

Extremely detailed.
As is everything made by The Mastercrafter, the rocking chair is made with acute attention to detail.

Unwavering quality


We use expertly sourced materials of the finest quality to provide kitchens, wardrobes, vanities and furniture of the highest quality in Cape Town.

We operate with a small team of extremely skilled cabinetmakers in order to maintain the desired level of quality.

Bar Games
Custom Made Wooden Games and Puzzles

Custom Made stairs by Master Crafter

Wooden Stairs

Kitchen with white countertop and plants

Counter tops, Islands, Cupboards, Blinds

Cabinetmaking for more than 25 years


We are specialist cabinetmakers and passionate crafters with a keen eye for the smaller details.

At The Mastercrafter we pride ourselves in expert level cabinetmaking. No shortcuts are used in our manufacturing and installation processes in order to ensure that our products stand up to the test of time.


Beautifully Made Kitchen Drawers

Breakfast Booth

Custom Made TV Display Unit


Elegant Kitchen Nook