Beyond the ordinary.

We are specialist wood workers and passionate crafters

The Master Crafter Team

The company was established by Rick Pember, who completed his apprenticeship in Australia in the 80’s and subsequently worked with a few masters of the trade over the ensuing years before opening up his own enterprise in Cape Town, South Africa in 1996. He is supported by Peter Rowland, another traditionally skilled master cabinetmaker, as well as a small team of specialist tradesmen. We specialize in custom-made cabinetry of any size, shape or material.

Rick Pember

Master Cabinetmaker and Owner

Rick started as an apprentice cabinetmaker in FNQ, Australia with one of the best known cabinetmakers at the time, finishing off as a fully fledged craftsman way back in 1986.

He has gained valuable experience working for various companies in Australia, the U.K. and South Africa, and has built up a reputation with clients as a highly skilled and capable craftsman, providing excellent workmanship and reliable after sales service.

He has grown the Mastercrafter from a one-man operation to a medium sized enterprise, which consistently has produced work of an exceptionally high standard.

Rick is extremely particular about his products and takes great pride in being known to produce top class results.

He collaborates with various designers to deliver projects which are interpreted exactly to clients expectations.

This on top of his already successful relationship with Peter Rowland – who adds value in the technical specialist area of the workshop, he ensures that the Mastercrafter now can offer a full end to end service for clients wishing to embark on any building or renovation project – no matter how big or small.

Peter Rowland

Master Cabinetmaker and Technical Specialist

Having completed his cabinetmaking training in the UK, Peter returned to South Africa 20 years ago and set about building up his own experience and reputation.

His meticulous and precise nature is carried through to his work and places him in an excellent position for quality management and maintaining the high standards that the company wishes to deliver upon.

Peter ensures that the workshop runs like clockwork, making sure that the staff adhere to the expected standards by performing constant quality checks on all products being manufactured.

In addition to assisting in the control of the workshop, Peter specialises in producing technical drawings for more complicated pieces of work that the Mastercrafter is becoming known for being able to provide.

Peter also project manages and liaises with clients on the larger projects that pass through the company.

There is no challenge too big for this highly competent person and his skills are invaluable to the Mastercrafter offering.